Skiing in Keystone

I remember that day when…

i first learned how to ski!

I was a freshman in college when i decided to learn how to ski. Being surrounded by the lovely view of the Rockies, my friends and i spent a Saturday skiing at Keystone, Colorado.  The main reason why we chose Keystone was because it serves all levels of skiers and offered night skiing.

Keystone – Night View

I remember there were only 2 of us who have never skied before among the group and had to spend the day at the ski school.  They taught us to ski using the ‘bunny slope’, which is basically the shortest cliff in the area which children and beginners use to learn and practice skiing. My first impression at the time was that it was a piece of cake!  Little did i know that when it was time to try skiing up one of the highest mountains in the world, i was practically crying out of fear!

Being up there, approximately 1 Km higher than the base, at night in the freezing cold was not my idea of a good time. Luckily, i was surrounded with my friends who were incredibly patient with me during that time. Some stood by me, and others skied ahead of me, only to catch up with me during their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round of skiing. I remember that i fell many many times that i couldn’t sit still for the next 10 days!

About 3 hours later, when i could barely feel my feet and i still had 1/3 of the mountain to go, i saw a rescue team heading towards one skier who had fallen and i begged them to take me down with them!


3 thoughts on “Skiing in Keystone

  1. my skiing instructor told me that it was his first time ever in his coaching experience that a student (me) made him go down the mountain on a gondola instead of skiing down like normal ppl do.

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