RA’s 1st Ski Experience

I remember that day when..

I laughed hysterically at RA’s first ski experience.

We were sophomores in college when RA decided to visit me and we decided to go skiing!  Once again, we headed to Keystone, Colorado, and due to the shortage of time, we decided to get RA up the gondola with us, teach her the Pizza way of skiing, then ski slowly by her side.

Little did we know that RA was fearless, she straightened her skies, headed straight down the mountain, not knowing how to stop or even turn, and as she quickly reached the turning slope, she skied straight over the edge of the curve and fell down and out of our sight!

That almost scared us to death! Little did we know that as soon as we reached her, she was found lying on her back laughing hysterically at herself with her skies being a mile away from her! hehehe…  that was priceless!

P.S: if you missed out on my first ski experience in Keystone, you can find it here! 😉

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