The Nightmare Continues

I remember that day when..

My father continued to need help, and we were ready to end the nightmare!

Now that help was available, my Uncle A started to take my father out almost every morning. They would pass by the office first, and then meet with their siblings for coffee later.

We were happy that it was now easier for dad to live his life again, with assistance and monitoring ofcourse, but atleast he is no longer a prisoner in his own home. In the evenings, his guests, family and friends, continued to visit him on daily basis, and for that we are all forever grateful!

It was already May, we had to wait a couple more weeks before our trip to Germany in early June; we also had to wait for his Doctor, the neurologist, to return from her trip and see him! We all looked forward to that trip, and we all looked forward to end this nightmare!

Little did we know, that very soon after, the trip to Germany was going to be cancelled, that my father’s disease was terminal, and that the nightmare will continue for as long as he lives!

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