Change.. is Inevitable

I remember that day when..

We realized that we needed to make major changes… and fast!

As my father’s symptoms were progressing, and that was before we found out what was wrong, we had to do random changes around the house to accommodate his needs..

Making decisions on what to change, how, and when was a main concern for all of us, especially for my mother who did not do well with change!

Change started in his bedroom and the family living room, where we removed any carpets that were in his way. Change progressed to his bathroom, where handrails were installed all around the walls and the toilet was replaced by another that was friendlier for the dis-abled.

More changes happened as we found out what my father’s illness was. We knew he is going to be weaker and more fragile, which means he will need all the help and support we can give round the clock.

We knew he was going to need another caregiver to cover the night shift – as my mother is not strong enough to protect and carry him if he falls.

We knew that he will be wheelchair bound, and eventually bed ridden, which means he will need a comfortable wheelchair and a medical bed.

We knew that we had to monitor his eating and breathing because sooner or later, he will not be able to chew, swallow or breathe independently; and only then we must depend on the professional doctors to help..

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