I’m a woman in my 30’s with too much time on her hands.  Wanting to fill up my time, find my passion, and hopefully make a positive difference, i decided to start this blog.

This blog is partly for me to use as a personal journal and partly to share my most random memories and thoughts with my friends and readers.

With the support of my good friend MG,  i am doing this for me and only me!  So if you have something nice to say, please feel free to comment all you want, otherwise keep your opinions to yourself.

Enjoy reading & Have a Wonderful Day!  🙂

ohh… and in case you would like to reach me, please email me at:



8 thoughts on “About

      • That is hilarious. No, in all seriousness, how do you manage your time so well? I could really use a few pointers here. Do you wake up super early, sleep less? It’s hard for me, sometimes, because I’m an artist and hence my mind can wander over single tasks for long periods of time.

      • Well, I have a normal 8 hrs/day job that is not too demanding; after that I can do whatever I want… Sometimes I write my posts during working hours… heheh shhh don’t tell my boss ;p Perhaps you can give yourself some deadlines using an alarm clock to alert you of them… and don’t postpone things cuz you will never know what might pop up later?… Hope this helps?

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