Boulder, Colorado…. My Heart is with You!

I remember that day when..

My heart was broken for my second home, Boulder!

Just the other day, i was talking to some friends about how much i miss being in Colorado. I miss the greenery, the view of the Rockies, the beautiful weather. I miss biking down Boulder Creek, hiking up Chautauqua Park, walking to CU, and shopping at Pearl Street.

I found out about the flood from friends of mine who are living there and have family and friends living there. Finally, i searched for some Instagram Photos of the flood this weekend (#boulderflood), here are a few…





My Heart is with you Boulder, Always.

P.S: I hope the owners are ok with me re-posting these photos.


I remember that day when..

I shared my pillow with my loving cat ‘Munchkin’ ūüôā

Back in college, my roommate, my man of the house, my best friend and confidant, was my lovely persian cat i named Munchkin. He was given to me as a gift when he was only 4 months old, and over the years, he grew to be fat and fluffy with an attitude of a king!

He was the man as he would never allow me to close any doors since he likes to go everywhere as he pleases.

He was my best friend as he always sensed my stress and discomfort, and he chooses to sit next to me during those times.

He was my roommmate as he once woke me up during a fire alarm – that one time when i was deap in my sleep and i thought that the alarm was part of my dream.

On the days he is happy, i am forced to share my pillow, and he ends ups using up most of it and i am left with only a third!

On the days he is mad at me, he sleeps on top of the corner counter in the kitchen where i cannot reach him.

I was truly blessed having him around; and I will always miss him.

Rat Attack!

I remember that day when..

A good friend of mine asked me for a favor that ended up having rats taking over my car!

We were in college, and my friend SD had a snake named Sawsan as a pet which fed on rats! The day came when SD had to feed Sawsan, but also had to drive 45 minutes to pick up a friend from the airport.  So, he calls me for this favor, knowing very well how much i hate rats, and begged me to pick up a couple of rats from the store before it closes.  SD promised that the store keeper would double wrap them in paper bags, and one more time in a plastic bag, and that i would keep them in my car until he is back from the airport.


Silly me, i believed him! Almost 2 hours had passed and the thought of these rats still in my car disgusted me. I had to wait for SD to pick them up only to find out that the rats were able to bite their way out of the bags and hide somewhere in my car! Eewwwwwwwwww!!!!


As soon as SD arrived, along with our friend HM2, it was the funniest thing to watch both guys struggle for at least 30 minutes to catch these rats!  Each time one of them manages to catch a rat, the rat would curl upwards to bite the hand that caught it and flee! hehehe….

I laughed so hard that night, thinking that such a struggle was my way to teach SD a lesson to NEVER ask me for such a favor again! ūüėČ


RA’s 1st Ski Experience

I remember that day when..

I laughed hysterically at RA’s first ski experience.

We were sophomores in college when RA decided to visit me and we decided to go skiing!  Once again, we headed to Keystone, Colorado, and due to the shortage of time, we decided to get RA up the gondola with us, teach her the Pizza way of skiing, then ski slowly by her side.

Little did we know that RA was fearless, she straightened her skies, headed straight down the mountain, not knowing how to stop or even turn, and as she quickly reached the turning slope, she skied straight over the edge of the curve and fell down and out of our sight!

That almost scared us to death! Little did we know that as soon as we reached her,¬†she was found¬†lying on her back laughing hysterically at herself with her skies being a mile away from her! hehehe…¬† that was priceless!

P.S: if you missed out on¬†my first ski¬†experience in Keystone, you can find it here! ūüėČ

Chocolate Ice-Cream

I remember that day when..

I fell in-love with Haagen-Daz Milk Chocolate Ice-Cream ūüôā

I was practically addicted to this ice-cream while in college. For the many nights spent with friends and college mates, working on a project or studying for midterms and finals, the only food store that was open for 24 hours was Safeway!


And yes, for many nights, I’d take a break from studying, head over to Safeway to get us¬†a¬†large bucket of¬†Chocolate Ice-cream with many plastic spoons to share!

Unfortunately, this specific chocolate ice-cream is only found in the USA!¬† I searched for it¬†in Kuwait, Dubai, and Lebanon, and for some reason this plain and simple milk chocolate flavor doesn’t exist! Weird huh?


Tow-Away Zone

I remember that day when..

my car was towed!

I was in college, when my friends and i decided to go attend Alicia Keys concert.  I remember that we were a large group who filled up a total of 2 cars.  We had to drive for at least 45 minutes to get to the concert.  Since i had a jeep, and i enjoyed driving very much back then, i was one of the drivers who picked up her friends and drove the distance to get to the concert.

Anyway, i¬†remember¬†that the concert¬†was literally located¬†in the middest of the city, and all available parking spots were already¬†taken!¬†¬†I had to drive around for a while to find a spot, and finally i decided to park, along with many other cars, at a ‘Tow-Away Zone’ area!¬† I¬†thought that¬†they must be used to all these cars parking everywhere¬†during concert nights and can’t possibly tow away all these car.

Little did i know, that as soon as the concert ended, we walked for about 15 minutes to reach my car, and guess what?!?!  All the cars were towed away including mine!



I remember that day when..

I fed a raccoon¬†a slice of¬†pizza ūüôā

I was a freshman in college, and I was living in the dorms at that time, and almost on daily basis i saw one or two raccoons at random places nearby.  Watching these cute, fat, and fluffy raccoons, day after day near my dormitory building, made me feel that I wanted to pet and hug these adorable creatures.  I was warned many times to keep my distance and let them be since they can easily attack when provoked. I had no intentions of being attacked, yet I did not want to believe at that time that they can be dangerous.

Anyway, I remember that one night i hung out with some friends and came back to my dormitory building with some leftover pizza in my hand. When I saw this cutest hungry looking raccoon by the tree, I decided to try to feed it a slice.   Surprisingly, the raccoon very slowly approached me, took the slice of pizza from my hand, and went back next to the side of the tree to eat in peace!

I still cannot believe that such adorable creatures can be dangerous!