Lovely London

I remember that day when..
I recalled lots of fun memories from Lovely London 🙂

Almost every summer growing up, my father would plan a family trip that usually ends in London. I remember we’d spend our Sunday morning watching ‘Transformers’ & ‘He-Man’ on TV while we eat our breakfast. This is then followed with a walk to Buckingham Palace to watch ‘Changing of the Guards’. Our day would not end without us passing by the Speakers Corner at the Hyde Park. 🙂

I also remember on other days we’d go visit my Aunt S (May God bless her soul) where we’d spend the day with our cousins. Finally, many of the evenings we’d go to McDonald’s (on Edgware Road) and my order was always 6 piece chicken nuggets with small fries 🙂 hehehe that was before it opened here in Kuwait!


As I am looking forward to visit London next week, I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to my memories of it 😉

Flower Girl

I remember that day when..

I was a flower girl 😉

It was 1989, when my cousin found his lovely bride, and i, along with 7 other girls, was chosen to be a flower girl.

For an 8 year old, I remember that it was the most exciting time i have ever experienced. The whole experience of attending rehearsals, having a custom-made dress, and having my hair and make-up professionally done were beyond my imagination. I remember how pretty i felt, how happy and excited, how i wanted everybody to see me. I remember my white basket filled with yellow flower pedals. I remember that i had to throw the pedals on the ground with each step i took down the aisle. Finally, i remember the beautiful bride, looking like a princess in white, entering the ballroom, and all eyes were on her 🙂

Thank you K & F for such a lovely childhood experience that i will always cherish. Wishing you both the best of times together always. xoxo

Riding a Bike

I remember that day when..

My siblings taught me how to ride a bike 🙂

It was finally time, to get rid of the side wheels of my bike that helped my balance; and i remember that both my siblings were kind enough to teach me how to ride it!  They would hold the bike from the back, making sure i am not able to see them, and as i starting riding my bike, they would walk with me for a short while and then suddenly, without my knowing, they would let me go!

Of coarse, the moment i figured out that i was alone, i fell! heheh…

This post is dedicated to my 7-year-old nephew who recently learned how to ride his bike!  We are all so proud of you 🙂

Land Before Time

I remember that day when..

We had a slumber party and watched the same movie 3 times!

I was in the 4th grade, when one of my classmates invited a group of us girls to a slumber party at her house.  As we were all friends from school we all got so excited and agreed to watch ‘The Land Before Time’

215px-The_Land_Before_Time_posterI remember that the movie was soooooo good, that almost all of us cried towards the end and voted to watch it again that same night! Eventually we all fell asleep during round 2 of the movie! hehe

And guess what happened the next morning?  We agreed to watch it a 3rd time while eating our breakfast 🙂

My Baby Chicks

I remember that day when..

i was fully committed to raising 10 chicks!

It was early in 1990, when one of my parents took me to the Friday market and ended up buying my 10 colorful chicks 🙂 I remember several times before that the chicks i tried to raise always end up dying within a week or so.  But not this time!

Surprisingly, all 10 chicks survived and grew to become 3 roosters and 7 chickens 🙂 They were well fed, happy, and healthy. I also remember that they used to follow me around the house from the back yard to the front garden, racing to get to the front, as if i was the mother chicken!  hehehe… ok, let me remind you that i was only 10 years old at that time 😉

 When summer came, and i had to travel with my family during the holidays, little did i know that i was never going to see my babies again 😦

P.s.  The chicks lost their colors a couple of weeks after we purchased them. For a 10 year old who thought that their colors were natural, i was pretty disappointed!


School Bus

I remember that day when..

my siblings and i were on our way to school, I was in either the 3rd or 4th grade, and one of the car tires deflated!

As always, we were caught in traffic, and suddenly had to park at the side of the road.  We were about 5 minutes away from school, 20 minutes if we walked, and in order to avoid being late we decided to walk to school instead of wait for the deflated tire to be replaced.

Gladly though, as a random act of kindess, atleast that was how i felt at that time, one of the school buses that had just passed us decided to stop on the side of the road and take us on board. Although i always hated wearing the school’s uniform, on that day i felt proud and happy to be wearing it!

I also remember from that incident that my dear friend RA was onboard that same bus, which made the time spent in the bus the most memorable..