Me & Brooches

I remember that day when..

I suddenly became interested in Brooches!

I don’t know why, but for many years i always saw brooches to be fit to much older women! You know, women like Queen Elizabeth II whom you will almost never see without a brooch!

But for some reason, over the past year, all i notice or look for when i go to a jewelry store are brooches!

Check out these nice ones that i found online:









Mother’s Day

I remember that day when…

I had not idea what to get my mother as a gift for Mother’s Day!

I know in many parts of the world, people get to celebrate Mother’s Day in May. But here, we celebrate it Today! 🙂

As i was surfing the web to get some ideas on what gift to get for my mother, knowing that she is very picky, i came across these adorable items for me! hahaha…

Check out these cute Shorts:


Along with these cute flats:


If interested, you can get them from here and here.

P.S. I ended up getting my mother a gift voucher for a one-hour massage appointment at one of the best SPAs in Kuwait! I truly hope she’ll enjoy it 🙂

Valentino Dress

I remember that day when..

I saw this Valentino dress on Instagram and both its style and price shocked me!


It is priced here in Kuwait as KWD 6,100/- (Approx $21,700.00 USD).

What do you guys/girls think?

Ugly vs. Pretty?

Pricy vs. Cheap?

Although i’m usually a fan of Valentino, but i dont know what happened here?


Stockings Disaster!

I remember that day when..

My stockings tore and i still had a very important meeting to go to!

Oh My! I was so mad at myself for tearing my stockings and going back home to change was not an option. The tear itself was already hidden by my skirt, but i needed a quick solution to stop it from extending to my foot!

Luckily, and i am sure most of you girls do this as well, i had my emergency kit in my desk drawer that has many things including clear nail polish!

Yes, that was the solution girls…. all I needed was a clear nail polish! I polished the edge of the tear, left it to dry, and that stopped it from extending! 😉