How to Wash Grapes?

I remember that day when..

I wasn’t sure how to wash grapes!

For a few years now, i’ve been washing grapes by first putting it in a colander, allow the water to run over it while i try to rub the grapes gently. The problem is i always end up with grapes falling off their stems, and i am not sure if the inner grapes are washed properly?!?

Recently, my husband read this article about soaking the grapes in water with some vinegar for about 10 minutes, allow the dirt to rise, then empty the water and wash off the vinegar taste with running water!

I tried that yesterday and guess what?! It Worked! Finally i can enjoy a bowl of grapes with comfort 🙂



Lovely London

I remember that day when..
I recalled lots of fun memories from Lovely London 🙂

Almost every summer growing up, my father would plan a family trip that usually ends in London. I remember we’d spend our Sunday morning watching ‘Transformers’ & ‘He-Man’ on TV while we eat our breakfast. This is then followed with a walk to Buckingham Palace to watch ‘Changing of the Guards’. Our day would not end without us passing by the Speakers Corner at the Hyde Park. 🙂

I also remember on other days we’d go visit my Aunt S (May God bless her soul) where we’d spend the day with our cousins. Finally, many of the evenings we’d go to McDonald’s (on Edgware Road) and my order was always 6 piece chicken nuggets with small fries 🙂 hehehe that was before it opened here in Kuwait!


As I am looking forward to visit London next week, I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to my memories of it 😉

La Petite Maison –

I remember that day when..

I had dinner at ‘La Petite Maison’ in Dubai for the first time!

It was a couple of years ago, and we were a party of at least 10, hence we practically ordered the entire menu! heheh….

Among my favorite dishes were:

Burrata et Tomates

Burrata et Tomates

.White Beans with Truffle Vinaigrette
.Salad of Green Lentils
.Quinoa Salad

and the absolute favorite:

.Burrata with Tomatoes and Basil !!

Main Dish:
.Gnocchi with Cherry Tomato Garlic and Parmesan – although i would order it as a starter to share 😉
.Grilled Tiger Prawns
.Grilled White Sea Bass
.Grilled Lamb Cutlets with Smoked Aubergin

and finally, the best part of the meal…. Desserts:

.Vanilla Crème Brulee
.Thin Crust Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream

It was simply incredible! 😀

Buffalo Wings

I remember that day when..

We wondered why buffalo wings are called ‘buffalo’ wings when they are in fact chicken wings?


Last summer, my mother-in-law wanted to order buffalo wings, and as she was ordering it she realized that she didn’t want ‘buffalo’ wings – as in the wings of a buffalo – but instead she wanted the wings of chicken! Hehehe

We reminded her that the order was only named ‘buffalo’ but they were in fact the wings of chicken! Hehehe ; )

We all know that buffaloes don’t have wings… but does anyone know why the hot’n’spicy chicken wings are sometimes called ‘buffalo’ wings?


Chocolate Ice-Cream

I remember that day when..

I fell in-love with Haagen-Daz Milk Chocolate Ice-Cream 🙂

I was practically addicted to this ice-cream while in college. For the many nights spent with friends and college mates, working on a project or studying for midterms and finals, the only food store that was open for 24 hours was Safeway!


And yes, for many nights, I’d take a break from studying, head over to Safeway to get us a large bucket of Chocolate Ice-cream with many plastic spoons to share!

Unfortunately, this specific chocolate ice-cream is only found in the USA!  I searched for it in Kuwait, Dubai, and Lebanon, and for some reason this plain and simple milk chocolate flavor doesn’t exist! Weird huh?