Hysterical Laughter :D

I remember that day when..

I laughed hysterically for no reason!

Well, it started with me commenting on something, then I started laughing because i thought my comment was funny!

Then I continued laughing because I realized I was laughing at myself! 

This was then followed with more laughter as I got to notice the reaction of the people around me!

My laughing continued as I realized that I’ve been laughing for a while now for no specific reason!

Finally, the laughter remains as the people around me started to also laugh!
hahaha… did this post make you laugh already? 😉

Funny Sign

I remember that day when..

I received this via email and was wondering if its true?

“This sign actually exists, it’s one half mile inside Wisconsin on Hwy 12 just south of Lake Geneva.
How long it will stay up is another question”


Perhaps my readers from the US can confirm?

Did You Know That…(2)

As the last post of the month, here are more interesting stuff i recently learned from cousin K 😉

Did you know that..

. The original voice of Mickey Mouse was provided by Wald Disney himself.
. If you electrically shock a person’s brain, their math skills can greatly improve for about 6 months!
. The world’s shortest horror story consists of only 2 sentences “The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.”
. 91% people admit that, at least once in their life, they all have tried to balance the light switch in between on and off position.
. ‘2013’ is the first year not to contain a repeated digit since ‘1987’ !
. The ‘Pinky Promise’ originally indicated that the person who breaks the promise must cut off their pinky finger!
. If Twitter were a country, it’d be the 12th largest in the world.
. Nintendo started in 1889 by making playing cards. They also ran a TAXI and a LOVE HOTEL, before making video games in 1975.

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Thanks K ! This was fun 🙂

Did You Know That…

I remember that day when..

I got these interesting pieces of information from my dear cousin K!

I honestly do not know where he gets them from? nor do i know how valid they are, but if they happen to be true, then its pretty cool to learn such random stuff!

Did you know that…

. The first man to survive going over Niagra Falls later died from slipping on an orange peel.
. If the human eye was a digital camera, it would have 576 mega pixels.
. There exists a book titled “Everything a man knows about women” that has around 100 pages all of which are blank!
. In Arizona, there is a town named “Nothing” and the town literally has nothing but a gas station and a population of 4 people.
. Astronauts can’t burp as there’s no gravity to separate the liquid from gas in their stomachs!
. The CIA spent $20 million on a cat equipped to spy on the Soviets, but then it got hit by a taxi!
. It cost more to make the movie “Titanic” than to actually build the Titanic itself.

heheheh… love it! More coming up soon 😉

My Scar

I remember that day when…

I ran into a wall!

After a long summer holiday, and after not seeing any of my friends, including my crush, for 3 months; I was starting my second year in kindergarten and I remember i was both excited and nervous to go back to school.

During that first day, I remember i was very shy from finally seeing my crush again. During recess, when all the kids were playing catch, i was literally running away from him, trying to hide and avoid any embarrassment from seeing him again.

And guess what, as i was running so fast, making sure he doesn’t notice me, i ran into a wall! Literally! heheheh…. I still have a scar on my forehead as proof! hehehe…

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Buffalo Wings

I remember that day when..

We wondered why buffalo wings are called ‘buffalo’ wings when they are in fact chicken wings?


Last summer, my mother-in-law wanted to order buffalo wings, and as she was ordering it she realized that she didn’t want ‘buffalo’ wings – as in the wings of a buffalo – but instead she wanted the wings of chicken! Hehehe

We reminded her that the order was only named ‘buffalo’ but they were in fact the wings of chicken! Hehehe ; )

We all know that buffaloes don’t have wings… but does anyone know why the hot’n’spicy chicken wings are sometimes called ‘buffalo’ wings?


Rat Attack!

I remember that day when..

A good friend of mine asked me for a favor that ended up having rats taking over my car!

We were in college, and my friend SD had a snake named Sawsan as a pet which fed on rats! The day came when SD had to feed Sawsan, but also had to drive 45 minutes to pick up a friend from the airport.  So, he calls me for this favor, knowing very well how much i hate rats, and begged me to pick up a couple of rats from the store before it closes.  SD promised that the store keeper would double wrap them in paper bags, and one more time in a plastic bag, and that i would keep them in my car until he is back from the airport.


Silly me, i believed him! Almost 2 hours had passed and the thought of these rats still in my car disgusted me. I had to wait for SD to pick them up only to find out that the rats were able to bite their way out of the bags and hide somewhere in my car! Eewwwwwwwwww!!!!


As soon as SD arrived, along with our friend HM2, it was the funniest thing to watch both guys struggle for at least 30 minutes to catch these rats!  Each time one of them manages to catch a rat, the rat would curl upwards to bite the hand that caught it and flee! hehehe….

I laughed so hard that night, thinking that such a struggle was my way to teach SD a lesson to NEVER ask me for such a favor again! 😉