Losing Uncle W

I remember that day when..
they told me that my dear uncle W had passed away!

I was a junior in high school, it was a cold January school day, and it was during the holly month of Ramadan when I started the day knowing we had lost my beloved uncle W.

I remember I didn’t want to go to school that day, but was forced to go.  I remember I did not know what to think or how to react, but somehow the day managed to pass by. I remember watching my dad cry for the first time, and somehow that sight was harder to bare than loosing a loved one! I remember wishing that I’d never want to go through another loss, yet life goes on with people dying and babies born. I remember spending 3 days with the family in mourning, which we mostly talked about my dear uncle’s kindness and sense of humor!

One thing for sure I will always remember was the way he said ‘hello’ over the phone… it almost sounded like ‘Aalloo’ !

Eating Disorder

I remember that day when..

I realized I had an eating disorder!

Did you know that ‘1 in 4 teenage girls may suffer from the symptoms of an eating disorder’ according to this site? Well, I was one of them!

Although my case was minor, I remember my thoughts of wanting to lose weight started as early as 6th grade; and I remember it got worse later in the 8th grade and it lasted til the 11th! I remember dieting, starving myself, bingeing, and purging! I remember weighing myself every morning and checking myself out when I dress. I remember feeling envious of skinny girls and models. I remember that I never admitted that i had a problem till I was in college. I also remember that I was Not overweight!

Finally, I remember meeting the cutest guy during the summer 1997 who told me that I was beautiful, and that lead me to the road of full recovery ūüėČ

The 3 Magic Words

I remember that day when..

I heard the words ‘I Love U’ for the very first time.

I was a sophomore in highschool, he was a senior, and he told me that we was in-love!

I remember that day so clearly, it was during our highschool annual carnival, and when we saw each other he walked by me telling me very casually that ‘Today, i fell in-love!’!

Silly me, i asked who the lucky girl was, and he straightened his arm, pointing his index finger towards the front, trying to confuse me, and as i followed to where his finger was pointing to, it finally landed on Me!! ūüėČ


I remember that day when..

I decided to ditch school and enjoy my breakfast at Chi-Chi’s!

I was a senior in high school, a few weeks away from graduating, I have just received my driver’s licence and was among the first to receive it¬†among my peers.

Anyway, i¬†remember one morning my dear cousin HA and i decided to ditch school and go have breakfast!¬†¬†Since she¬†lived 3 minutes away from my home,¬†instead of picking her up to go to school, we went for a very big and yummy¬†breakfast at Chi-Chi’s that day. ūüôā

Btw, Chi-Chi’s was incredibly popular back then and was¬†The place to go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! But the best part of that day was the fact that we missed out on another 1.5 hours of Mr. AH’s class!

In case you missed my post about¬†Mr. AH,¬†here it is again ūüėČ


Sleeping in Class

I remember that day when..

I used to sleep during my Arabic classes!

I was a sophomore¬†in highschool when my school decided to set up our classes back to back!¬† For example, if it was time for my Arabic class, i¬†would have a total of¬†2 Arabic classes in a row, each was 45 mins, which left us to suffer¬†1.5 hours straight¬†that day!¬†I remember that i had that at least twice a week! I also remember that my Arabic teacher, Mr. AH, was the dullest, slowest, and most boring ever! Don’t get me wrong, he was a kind and wise old man, but his classes felt the longest ever!

And so, i decided to always, always, always, sleep during his class! ūüôā

oh…. and i¬†also remember that by the end of that year, i¬†was so excited that my suffering during¬†his class was finally over; but little did i¬†know that i was assigned to go through another year with Mr. AH again!!!!¬† I had to scream!


Tom Cruise

I remember that day when..

I almost shook hands with Tom Cruise!

It was the summer of 1996,¬† my family and i¬†were in london for a few weeks.¬†One day, my mother and i¬†decided to do a little shopping and have lunch somewhere around Piccadilly¬†Circus / Leicester Square.¬† As we reached Leicester Square, i¬†noticed there was a crowd surrounding the entrance of the ‘Empire’ theater. For those of you who are not very familiar with¬†London, the ‘Empire’¬†happens to be among the largest¬†cinema theaters in London. It is located in Leicester Square¬†where most of¬†the movie premieres are held.

Anyway,¬† i¬†remember that as¬†we¬†were heading towards Mc Donalds for my¬†favorite Chicken Nuggets, as mentioned in my previous post¬†ūüėȬ†i¬†asked around only to find out that in about 3 hours, the stars of the first¬†Mission Impossible movie will be arriving to watch the movie premiere!¬† I got soooo¬†excited that i¬†wanted to find a good spot, first person¬†by the¬†rails that the security men¬†had already aligned for us ‘the crowd’, only¬†for a¬†chance to see¬†the famous Tom Cruise.¬† Luckily,¬†my mother was kind enough to let me!¬†¬†As i found my perfect¬†spot, and we knew this will take about 3 hours of waiting, my mother was even kinder to have¬†gotten me my nuggets and ended up waiting with me the entire time!

That might be me in the Red circle! At least i was standing back there for 3 hours ūüôā

When the stars finally arrived,¬†I was so excited to see not only Tom Cruise, but also his wife at that time, Nicole Kidman!¬† That was double the excitement !!¬† As we were all waiving our hands to the stars¬†when¬†Tom Cruise decided to shake hands with a few people very close to me. People¬†started to go crazy and¬†squeeze to the front to get a hand shake.¬† When¬†Tom¬†shook the hands¬†of the person next to me, my mother and i¬†got incredibly excited that it was finally my turn!¬†¬†But guess what,¬† Tom Cruise decided to head¬†back to the center¬†with the rest of the cast ! ūüė¶¬†¬† I was soooo close, yet so far away!

The funny thing that i¬†remember was that as soon as Tom Cruise had backed away, my mother started¬†shouting¬†‘Tom!’ ‘Tom!’¬†‘Tom!’ heheheh…. priceless ūüôā


Volley Slam!

I remember that day when..

I was slammed in the face with a volleyball!

I first joined the volleyball team in the 8th grade.  I was a substitute that year mainly because i barely knew how to play and the better players were a couple of years older than i was.  As a freshman, i became better trained and certainly more committed to the team.

I remember that year my cousin Bu-H, aged 22 at that time i believe, who happens to be an alumnus of my school,  volunteered to assist our couch in training us.  During one of our practices, we were supposed to practice receiving a high slammed ball from the opposing team by either bumping or setting it back to them or to a team-mate.  The girls were waiting in line while Bu-H was preparing to act as the opposing team and slam the ball to the first girl receiving.

I remember i¬†was waiting in-line, there were at least¬†3 girls ahead of me,¬†when suddenly i got¬†slammed in the face!! I didn’t realize what had happened till 5 minutes later !

Bu-H: ¬†if you happen to read this, I forgive U ūüėČ