Eating Disorder

I remember that day when..

I realized I had an eating disorder!

Did you know that ‘1 in 4 teenage girls may suffer from the symptoms of an eating disorder’ according to this site? Well, I was one of them!

Although my case was minor, I remember my thoughts of wanting to lose weight started as early as 6th grade; and I remember it got worse later in the 8th grade and it lasted til the 11th! I remember dieting, starving myself, bingeing, and purging! I remember weighing myself every morning and checking myself out when I dress. I remember feeling envious of skinny girls and models. I remember that I never admitted that i had a problem till I was in college. I also remember that I was Not overweight!

Finally, I remember meeting the cutest guy during the summer 1997 who told me that I was beautiful, and that lead me to the road of full recovery ūüėČ

Hide & Seek

I remember that day when..

i played hide and seek with my cousins.

For many years while growing up,¬†my cousins, siblings and i¬†would¬†get together¬†at our cousins’ house on¬†Thursdays¬†while our parents and a few of their friends would get together for a friendly family lunch at the diwanya.

I remember that one of the Thursdays, cousin S and I decided to play hide and seek with his brother, H and our cousin M. Since H and M were the younger ones, we decided to start the game asking them to hide first, while cousin S and I would close our eyes, count to 20, and allow plenty of time for my younger cousins to hide.

Anyway, funny thing that i remember that while H and M were hiding somewhere waiting for us to find them, S and I decided to ditch them and went out to the diwanya to eat with the adults. I also remember that it took at least 30 minutes for H and M to find us, instead of us finding them! hehehe


Dahya Co-op

I remember that day when..

we used to dress up to go to Dahya Co-op for fun ūüôā

We were in middle school when my friends and i used to gather at someone’s house every Wednesday night –¬† that was when our weekends¬†were on¬†Thursdays and Fridays. I remember that¬†we used to do it alphabetically as well;¬†starting¬†with my friend AS’s house, followed by DA’s and so on.

Anyway, i¬†remember that ¬†MM’s house was walking distance away from Dahya¬†Co-op.¬† For those of you who are not familiar with the term co-op (and for those of you who are familiar¬†please correct me if i am mistaken) Co-op is short for cooperation – meaning that the home owners of the residence area (e.g. Dahya)¬†have gotten together to create a cooperation council¬†who¬†is¬†in charge of providing services to the residents of that¬†area including grocery stores.¬† So now, the term used for the¬†residential¬†grocery store is a Co-op.

Ok, going back to my story,¬†when it was¬†time to get together at MM’s house, we would get so excited and choose to¬†dress up because we¬†were going to¬†walk to the¬†Co-op.¬†I¬†remember that each time we¬†go to the Co-op we end up¬†buying some Nutella¬†chocolate and¬†check out if there were any one we knew, or any cute¬†boys who choose to flirt with us!¬†And¬†everytime¬†we head back to MM’s house,¬†with Nutella¬†in our grocery bags,¬†we¬†always actted¬†‘hard to get’!

We obviously had too much time in our hands! heheh..

Jonathan Brandis

I remember that day when..

i was in-love with Jonathan Brandis.

I was in the 7th grade when i first saw him on TV.  At the age of 17, he was a lead actor in the science fiction TV show SeaQuest.  I remember that KTV2 used to view this show, and i would record every episode and watch each episode as many times as i could!

I also remember collecting all of his pictures from random magazines and had my entire room full of his pretty face.¬† That surely didn’t make my mother happy, but i was in-love ūüôā

When i decided to write this post, i wanted to search more information about his current whereabouts. I am deaply saddened to have found this:

“In November 2003 Brandis hanged himself. He was rushed to the hospital and died the next day. Friends speculated that Brandis was depressed about his career, but no one really knows why he took his own life.”¬† Link

He was only 27 years old! May God rest his soul.

On Your Mark..

I remember that day when..

my cousin and i made my kittens race the wheelbarrow way!

We were in the 6th grade, and the kittens were already a few months old.  My cousin HA came over to hang out and play around with the kittens.  We managed to bring them to my bedroom that day and they started to act crazy.  Running, jumping, and playing everywhere.  That was when we decided to have them race each other!

Since we cannot control how they raced, we decided to do it the wheelbarrow way;¬†like¬†how¬†we learned from¬†P.E. class in school.¬†We¬†chose 2 kittens, have them stand next to each other, and we would hold their back¬†legs quite high,¬†and then… on your mark… get set… go!




Warm Bed to Freezing Car

I remember that day when..

it was cold and rainy and we missed our school bus!

It was the winter of 1990/1991, we were living in Egypt that year and went to school that was 45 minutes drive away from our apartment.  The bus used to pick us up as early as 6am, but that specific day we were a couple of minutes late and the bus never waits.

My mom was terrified of¬†the idea that we, my siblings and i¬†of ages¬†10 to 15, would ride to school in a taxi all alone.¬† She couldn’t trust the taxi¬†driver, a total stranger from nowhere, to drop us off safely at school.¬† Remember, that cells phones didn’t exist at the time so once we head out, there was no way my mother can reach us.

Luckily, my sweet cousin SS, 20 years old at that time, was staying with us for a while. With mom not wanting us to be late for school, she literally dragged SS out of the comfort of his warm bed, threw a winter jacket on him, and within seconds he was out in the cold and rain trying to find a taxi to take us to school.

Once we were finally in a cab heading¬†to school,¬†i¬†remember that all we did during the ride¬†was laugh hysterically at SS who was still half a sleep…