The Vow

I remember that day when..
I enjoyed watching the movie ‘The Vow’

Based on a true story, the movie is cute & romantic in my opinion. It is about a wife who has been in a car accident that has caused her to lose her memory of her recent years. Among the things she forgot was why she had left home!

Now I don’t want to ruin the movie for you, but I wanted to mention the scene that has affected me the most! It was the scene where she confronted her mother on why the mother stayed with her father even after finding out that he cheated on her! The mother’s answer was something like this “I chose to stay because of all of the things he had done right and forgave him for one thing he had done wrong.” 

Wise woman don’t you think?

Warm Bodies

I remember that day when..

My husband and I decided to watch ‘Warm Bodies’ as our late night movie!

Ok, it was a Friday night, my husband and I had a fun day with the family that we decided to end it with a late night movie. As we were searching for options on Apple TV, and it was already after midnight, we wanted something light and short…and there it was… the trailer of the movie ‘Warm Bodies’ !

hehehe… I still can’t believe that we chose to watch it! But I must admit… we enjoyed it! 😉

Sex and the City

I remember that day when..

I got addicted to ‘Sex and the City’!

I do not know what is it about this show that makes me want to watch?

Yes i like the short 22 min episodes which i usually watch while i wait for something… a phone call, my pound cake in the oven, a friend picking me up, my husband while he showers…etc. But i also like the different topics that Carrie is researching about for her column. Random x-rated topics that we don’t publicly talk about here in Kuwait! I know the show tends to be a bit dramatic just to keep the viewers interested, but i certainly like to witness the different view points of the singles vs. married, the straight vs. gay, the 30 year olds vs. 20 year olds vs. 40 year olds, and the mothers vs. non-mothers… it’s just so real!


And finally, i like watching the fashion! 😉



I remember that day when..

I watched my all time favorite movie growing up one more time!


I don’t know how many times I have watched ‘Hook’, but I do know that I keep falling in love with it every time!

The feeling of exhilaration to be young again, to play games, to be surrounded with loved ones, and my favorite is filling your mind with happy thoughts to achieve your dreams, or in this case…. fly 🙂

Prison Break

prison-break-wallpaper2-prison-break-660494_1024_768I remember that day when..

I got goose bumps from watching TV!

I’m talking about ‘Prison Break’ the first season! When episode after episode i got to watch Micheal Scofield looking so attractive as he works toward his genius plan of breaking out of prison with his brother.

If you guys haven’t seen it already, i highly recommend watching the 1st season only! The remaining seasons were obviously done to keep the show running but were nowhere near as good as the first!

Land Before Time

I remember that day when..

We had a slumber party and watched the same movie 3 times!

I was in the 4th grade, when one of my classmates invited a group of us girls to a slumber party at her house.  As we were all friends from school we all got so excited and agreed to watch ‘The Land Before Time’

215px-The_Land_Before_Time_posterI remember that the movie was soooooo good, that almost all of us cried towards the end and voted to watch it again that same night! Eventually we all fell asleep during round 2 of the movie! hehe

And guess what happened the next morning?  We agreed to watch it a 3rd time while eating our breakfast 🙂