I remember that day when..
I played mother’n’daugher with my sister!

Ok, although I was too young to remember much, but I was told the game lasted a few days or weeks where I was the mother, while my sister, who is 5 years older than me, played my daughter!

I kept calling my sister ‘bitti’ which means ‘my daughter’ in Arabic, but should be pronounced ‘binti’! That name lasted weeks until one day I went to my mother’s room, and there was my sister D, and I finally called out her real name!

Hehehe… I actually do remember the calling part, where both mother and sister were relieved to know that I finally know what my sister’s name was!

My Gift!

I remember that day when..

I was forced to attend a birthday party but kept the lovely gift for me!

It was during the summer, when my parents and siblings were travelling, and i was simply too young to join them. As you might remember from my post here, my Grandma F stayed with me during that time ūüėČ

Anyway, I was invited to this girl’s birthday party, and my cousin, who is much older than i, decided to take me to it. She was so kind that she even bought and wrapped a gift for me to give to the bday girl.

I remember i was grumpy that day, not sure why, but as i arrived at that party and i was supposed to hand over the gift to the bday girl, i shrugged and decided not to! I found an empty corner, sat on the floor, ripped open the lovely wrapping and starting playing with the gift all alone! hehehe…

Ok i must admit, although i remember minor parts of that day, but the main points of the story was told by my cousin as she witnessed how i behaved that day! heheeh…

My Scar

I remember that day when…

I ran into a wall!

After a long summer holiday, and after not seeing any of my friends, including my crush, for 3 months; I was starting my second year in kindergarten and I remember i was both excited and nervous to go back to school.

During that first day, I remember i was very shy from finally seeing my crush again. During recess, when all the kids were playing catch, i was literally running away from him, trying to hide and avoid any embarrassment from seeing him again.

And guess what, as i was running so fast, making sure he doesn’t notice me, i ran into a wall! Literally! heheheh…. I still have a scar on my forehead as proof! hehehe…

If you happen to miss out on my crush’s story, please click here! ūüėČ

First Crush

I remember that day when…

I met my first crush ūüėČ

I was in Kindergarten when this cute, blue eyed, 5 year old boy walks into my class!

hahaha…. i¬†don’t remember much but i¬†do recall that when it was time for our class picture, i made an extra effort to make sure¬†that he was sitting next to¬†me ūüėČ

Many years later, my crush became a very good acquaintance, and¬†one day we were catching up and¬†took a trip down our¬†memory lane,¬†he admitted remembering that¬†he also¬†had a crush on me! hahahah!¬†¬†¬†We are¬†both¬†glad¬†that we have that class picture as evidence! ūüėČ



Grandma F Smilling

I remember that day when..

my parents and siblings were traveling, i was too young to join them, so i was left at home with my grandma F, may God rest her soul, babysitting me.

I was around 3 or 4 years of age at that time and it was probably the last time that my family traveled without me.¬† Anyhow, i remember that my grandma F spent her nights in my parents room.¬†¬†In reality,¬†my parents¬†room was about 5×5 meters in size¬†and had 6 meter corridor that included entrances to the dressing area and bathroom.¬†For a 3 year old,¬†that corridor felt much longer and the room felt much bigger.

I remember that every morning during that time, i would run through the long corridor, jump onto the huge bed where grandma F was sleeping, and kept jumping by her side to wake her up! Grandma F always woke up with a smile and never once did she get upset..

Bicycle incident

I remember that day when..

i¬†was tightly¬†holding my sister’s hand while¬†she was¬†walking me to my nursery school. I was¬†still very much hesitant that she was going to leave me there all alone.

I was right, the moment my¬†teacher distracted me with something my sister rushed out heading to her own class,¬†leaving me all along and helpless. One specific¬†time that¬†i¬†remember, probably during that first week of school,¬†was when my teacher asked me to bring my bicycle over to the door to show it off to my sister!¬†It was a moment of happiness and pride that my sister was going to see¬†my bicycle, as i rushed to get¬†it and came back to the door, carrying my heavy bicycle in my arms, my sister was already gone…



Its Time 2 Go 2 School

I remember that day when..

it was time for me to go to school.  Waking up at around 6am was hard enough, but being forced to go to a new and random place, at the age of 3, was the most horrifying thing!

I remember i¬†was to have my warm milk and head out with my older siblings to school.¬†After crying and crying and begging not to make me¬†go, i¬†was merely convinced to go since¬†i¬†was¬†promised that my sister, 5 years my senior, was going to accompany me the entire time.¬† Only then did i accept to get into the car, firmly¬†holding my sister’s hand and not wanting to ever¬†let¬†her go…