New Year’s Eve 2015 II

I remember that day when..

My family and i attended my cousin’s New Year’s Party..

My father, may God fill his life with happiness and laughter, who was hesitant to go to the party fearing that he will lose his balance again, was finally convinced to go and enjoy the evening with us.

My brother and I decided to meet up at my father’s house in order to go together to the party; my mom was going to meet us there later since she had a wedding to attend to first.

When we arrived, I can tell my dad wasn’t comfortable at first, yet when he finally sat with the host and his guests, he was able to enjoy himself and socialize.

Dinner time was my favorite part of the evening, not only did we have good food and great mix of guests to mingle with, but also we were able to take lots of great pictures..


Yet, by the time my parents decided to go home, I walked by my father hoping to give him the support and confidence he needed to leave; then I followed him with my eyes for a few more steps to assure myself that he was going to be ok. The minute I was assured and turned back to the party… I heard him fall…again!

Can’t Remember…

I remember that day when..

I realized that I have a hard time remembering faces I don’t see often!

I don’t why? But I have been put in many, and I mean MANY, situations where a random person says hello, knowing who I am, but I have absolutely no clue who he/she is!!!

I know I am not alone here, but I always fear that the other person thinks I am being arrogant for acting aloof in my response back to his/her ‘hello’.

Other times, when I do admit to the person that I don’t recognize him/her, I fear that they might think that I am being snobbish..

I know I know, I shouldn’t care much about what people may or may not think… but since it is caused by my reaction or lack of reaction towards the acquaintance (especially if they are related to my husband), I always wonder if they would forgive me for not remembering..

Nevertheless, I am thankful for the people who do know me and my lack of memory, since they make an extra effort to re – introduce me to the people they know I may not remember…hehehe

What about you? Are you the kind of person who is good remembering faces? or names? or both?

Happy Eid everyone and enjoy your much needed holidays 🙂

Dinner at D’s (Part III)

For those of you who have missed out on Parts I & II, you can catch up here and here.

So.. here it goes, after giving me the grand tour of her beautiful home, i noticed that not only everything was perfectly set-up, but it also gave me the vibe of comfort, coziness, and relaxation.

Then we sat, on the very comfortable arabesque couches ‘diwanya style’ and started talking, and talking, and talking, for over 3 hours straight, non-stop!

We started talking before dinner, during dinner, and after dinner. Surprisingly, that led me to loose track of time which rarely happens in my busy and much planned lifestyle!

We talked about everything you can think of
We talked about our marriages, families, and in-laws
We talked about friends and acquaintances
We talked about the issues we faced and the issues we are still facing
We talked about our relatives, people we grew up with and the life choices they made for themselves
We talked about children, nieces, and nephews
We talked about our parents, uncles, and aunts as we remember them from childhood and how we see them now..

and my absolute favorite… we talked about our childhood memories!

Truly a wonderful night!

Thank you D, i look forward to many more wonderful nights to come 🙂

Dinner at D’s (Part II)

For those of you who have missed out on Part I, you can catch up here!

Hmmm where was I, oh yes, we planned to get together over dinner at her place; while i was looking forward to it, i was both very excited and in some why very curious on how the evening would go!

I mean 15 years is a very long time, these were the years in which we grew up from being teenagers out of highschool, to young adults, to adults in our thirties!

I told my parents about my dinner plans with D and they were both equally excited since they fully remember how close we were back in the days. My husband, on the other hand, vaguely remembers meeting her at our cousins wedding! hehe…

While i was looking forward to our evening, and knowing she has a beautiful 9 year old daughter,F, i thought i mustn’t show-up unless i have something in my hand for both D and lovely F.

When i arrived, must admit i got a little lost on my way there, she greeted me herself, via the garage entrance, admitting she didn’t have the key to the main door.. hehehe..

While i had 2 gifts in my hand, a box of desert for her and another smaller one for lovely F, D’s exact words were: “None of my friends did that, none thought about giving my daughter a gift!”

That alone… was truly priceless! 🙂

to be cont..

Dinner at D’s

I remember that day when..

I ran into my childhood friend and cousin and we decided to catch up!

Its been 15 years since we had a good long conversation, since we spent some quality time with each other, since we simply hung out!

Since highschool graduation, we went to different universities in different countries; when we came home, we made different lifestyle choices that included early marriage for her and long hours of work for me. We even hung out with different groups of friends.

Yet, throughout these past 15 years, we always ran into each other on different occasions, weddings, parties, family gatherings, and funerals. Up until a couple of weeks ago, when we saw each other at yet another funeral, we decided to make an effort to take it a step further..

Dinner at D’s was the plan 🙂

to be cont..

Why Postpone?

I remember that day when..

I decided to postpone certain things in my life only to realize that postponing wasn’t worth it!

I must admit, in my case 2 out of 3 postponments were absolutely not worth the wait or the sacrifice… here are my few stories…

I have postponed doing my masters degree, thinking I may not meet my future husband if I leave home for school again, nevertheless I met him 5 years later which means I could have gone and came back with my degree and still not have met him till a couple years after that!

I have postponed to buy my dream car, and bought a family car thinking we will be starting a family soon, 3.5 years had passed, still no progress!

I have postponed a trip to Haj (the Islamic annual pilgrimage) wanting very much to go during the winter years when the weather is much more pleasant, waiting for someone to take me that I have missed my chance and now I have to wait for another 15 years for the Haj season to be in cooler days of the year.

However, on the brighter side…
I have postponed a trip to Italy with friends, since I wanted a romantic trip with my future husband (was single at that time) and luckly was able to achieve that. 🙂

What about you? Have you postponed things in your life that you regret postponing? Or are you happy postponing certain things in your life?

Inner Peace

I remember that day when..

I noticed how much I enjoy listening to the Holly Quran being recited!

I must admit, the voice and speed of the reciter plays a very important role; listening to him, especially while i’m driving, gives me inner peace, free of thought, comfort, and hope.

I grew up in a Muslim world that keeps reminding me about the value of reciting the Holly Quran, but not until recently that i started to fully absorb its impacting miracle on my inner being.