Lovely London

I remember that day when..
I recalled lots of fun memories from Lovely London ūüôā

Almost every summer growing up, my father would plan a family trip that usually ends in London. I remember we’d spend our Sunday morning watching ‘Transformers’ & ‘He-Man’ on TV while we eat our breakfast. This is then followed with a walk to Buckingham Palace to watch ‘Changing of the Guards’. Our day would not end without us passing by the Speakers Corner at the Hyde Park. ūüôā

I also remember on other days we’d go visit my Aunt S (May God bless her soul) where we’d spend the day with our cousins. Finally, many of the evenings we’d go to McDonald’s (on Edgware Road) and my order was always 6 piece chicken nuggets with small fries ūüôā hehehe that was before it opened here in Kuwait!


As I am looking forward to visit London next week, I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to my memories of it ūüėČ

La Petite Maison –

I remember that day when..

I had dinner at ‘La Petite Maison’ in Dubai for the first time!

It was a couple of years ago, and we were a party of at least 10, hence we practically ordered the entire menu! heheh….

Among my favorite dishes were:

Burrata et Tomates

Burrata et Tomates

.White Beans with Truffle Vinaigrette
.Salad of Green Lentils
.Quinoa Salad

and the absolute favorite:

.Burrata with Tomatoes and Basil !!

Main Dish:
.Gnocchi with Cherry Tomato Garlic and Parmesan – although i would order it as a starter to share ūüėČ
.Grilled Tiger Prawns
.Grilled White Sea Bass
.Grilled Lamb Cutlets with Smoked Aubergin

and finally, the best part of the meal…. Desserts:

.Vanilla Crème Brulee
.Thin Crust Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream

It was simply incredible! ūüėÄ

RA’s 1st Ski Experience

I remember that day when..

I laughed hysterically at RA’s first ski experience.

We were sophomores in college when RA decided to visit me and we decided to go skiing!  Once again, we headed to Keystone, Colorado, and due to the shortage of time, we decided to get RA up the gondola with us, teach her the Pizza way of skiing, then ski slowly by her side.

Little did we know that RA was fearless, she straightened her skies, headed straight down the mountain, not knowing how to stop or even turn, and as she quickly reached the turning slope, she skied straight over the edge of the curve and fell down and out of our sight!

That almost scared us to death! Little did we know that as soon as we reached her,¬†she was found¬†lying on her back laughing hysterically at herself with her skies being a mile away from her! hehehe…¬† that was priceless!

P.S: if you missed out on¬†my first ski¬†experience in Keystone, you can find it here! ūüėČ

Donkey Scare!

I remember that day when..

I was horrified of a skinny donkey!

It was summer of 2008, when a couple of friends and i went on a cruise ship sailing between the beautiful islands of Greece; and then the day came for us to spend 6 short hours in lovely Santorini.

As it was close to 6pm, it was time to head back to the ship and we only had two options to get down to the port where our ship was waiting.

As Wiki Travel puts it “take a cable car… or alternatively take a trip on one of the hundreds of mules¬†(down) the 588 zigzagging steps.”

Since we were already late, and there was a huge line waiting for the cable car, we decided to take our chances with the mules!


My thoughts were “oh¬†that should be fun, riding mules is just as easy and fun as riding horses….right?”¬† Not at all¬†expecting the sudden¬†feeling of instability and fear¬†while¬†siting on the back of the mule¬†as¬†he takes his first steps downhill……¬†Oh My God….. I started screaming like i have never screamed in my life!

Finally, i decided to walk down the narrow steps while my friends still went on with their mules; little did i know that the steps were covered in donkey excrement, and every other donkey that passes me ended up slapping me with its tail!!


Good Morning America!

I remember that day when..

I saw my brother in-law LIVE on TV!

It was a normal Wednesday afternoon, i just got back home from work (around 4pm), and my brother in-law, R, shared with us the picture on the right snapped by himself while walking towards his conference in NYC (around 9am Eastern).

Good Morning America Studio, NYC

Good Morning America Studio, NYC

I got so excited that i¬†asked him to join the crowd and perhaps i¬†will get to see him on TV !¬† After approximately 15 minutes of trying to find him… Yes!!!! i¬†finally spotted him!¬† loooool!

R waiving to the camera! :)

R waiving to the camera! ūüôā



For my viewers in the US, you might be able to see him using this link , and check out the crowd in the background of the¬†scene where they were interviewing Gerard Butler, Aired on 12/05/12,¬† starting minute 45:30.¬† Unfortunately, for some reason viewers outside of the US, including myself, cannot view it ūüė¶

Boqueria Market

I remember that day when..

I had a great time and delicious¬†food at the Boqueria Market ūüôā

It was a few weeks ago, when my husband and i¬†traveled to lovely Barcelona, and the concierge advised us to go check out the Boqueria Market. I must say, we were glad we went there feeling hungry ūüôā

Here are a few of my favourite pictures:

Colorful Fresh Fruits

Many types of Mushrooms

And… the air dried pork!