Weekends… I love you!

I remember that day when..
I realized how much I enjoy my weekends…

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my work and the feeling getting things accomplished, but I would only limit it to the 5 weekdays..

On the other hand, we are blessed with another 2 days, to do whatever we want.. hence I truly enjoy my weekends more😆

I enjoy waking up in the morning without an alarm clock
I enjoy staying in bed, be lazy, for as long as I like
I enjoy watching my husband sleep, since I almost always wake up before him
I enjoy not planning every detail of my morning and just go with the flow with needs to be done
I enjoy looking forward to lunch, where I get to spend quality time with my family
Finally,  I am blessed with not worrying about work.. untill I get to the office on a Sunday morning😆

I Wish You Happiness

I remember that day when..

We were celebrating our colleague, who has become our newest married man, over a friendly dinner..

While we were enjoying the lovely meal a topic of conversation started with a question…
What would you wish for the newly wedded couple?

One answer was contentment,  another was respect, and another was good health…

Yet, my answer was simple… Happiness!

Without happiness,  you will not be able to enjoy ur good health, you will not be able to appreciate the respect you have for one another, and finally you will not reach a stage of content…

What do you guys think?   What would you wish a newly wedded couple?

Dedication to My International Colleagues

I remember that day when..

I thought about dedicating this post to those who have inspired me the most throughout my career!

H. Klausner – from Austria – Working with you for 4 years was like a roller coaster ride! It was fun, fast, daring, and unforgettable! Thank you for your leadership & for believing in me ๐Ÿ™‚

T. Schultz – from USA – I have always admired your people’s skills, kindness, and understanding of international cultures. Thank you for being my teacher, my older brother, and my friend.

P. Tortell – from New Zealand – One of the most decent, modest, professional people i have ever worked with! The 6 weeks we worked together had definately left a lifetime impact on me and for that i will always be grateful.

M. AlAdawani – from Kuwait – I regret not writing down your daily proverbs as they are truly priceless! Thank you for being my guide, my listener, and my older brother.

Wishing you all great health & happiness wherever you are. ๐Ÿ™‚

Why Block?

I remember that day when..

I thought about why people choose to block/ban certain things, when others can be easily get them through other methods elsewhere?

Unfortunately, this is very common here in Kuwait! For example:

For many years, the Ministry of Communication banned the use of SKYPE and people were unable to install/download it into their PCs as it competes with their long distance services! Now, Skype is already installed in all new smart phones & PCs! hahah…

To avoid having employees use Facebook & YouTube during working hours (this is the case here in my new job!), the IT dept of the specific work places block these sites from the employees’ PCs! hmmm…. don’t they know that the employees can easily install Facebook apps into their smartphones?

Finally, isn’t it a normal human instinct to want more of what you can’t have? No matter what is blocked or banned… people will always find ways to get it? That such behavior is also found in children?

So, to you managers, leaders, and parents out there, you all need to find other methods of blocking/banning… how about trusting and convincing? How about accepting the fact that technology is always changing? How about accepting life and lifestyle as it is changing?

Changing Jobs

I remember that day when..
I decided to change my job!

It wasn’t an easy decision, especially since I got so comfortable in my previous job of 5 years, yet I truly believe that you must grab the opportunity as it comes and change is always good ๐Ÿ™‚

My last day came and my colleagues were so sweet to set up a farewell lunch for me, and I remember i was hesitant about sending them a ‘thank you’ email because i wasn’t sure what to write?! My dear friend’n’colleague, who happens to be one of my followers, simply told me: “just write something as if you were writing in your blog!” That surely was a wake up call!

“Dear All, 

I thank each and every one of you for the kindness you have showed me, the laughter you have given me, the challenges you faced with me, and the opportunities you have grabbed with me.
I thank each and every one of you for your friendship, your assistance, your time, and your professionalism. 

I thank each and every one of you for your generosity, your patience, your sincerity, and your valued conversations. 

As (we were) united for a better Kuwait, I promise to continue the work I started with the same objectives and core values (this job) has taught me.

This isnโ€™t a goodbye, but a โ€˜see you laterโ€™. ”

What do you guys think? Too mushy? heheh

Thank you dear Asmae ๐Ÿ˜‰

False Accusation!

I remember that day when..

I was accused of cheating!

It was about a year ago, when my colleague accused me of cheating publicly! Surprisingly, my immediate reaction to such an accusation was that ‘Poor girl…She’s young and stupid!’

Many of my friends at work were surprised of my reaction; and honestly, I also surprised myself! I was calm and confident, I knew for sure the truth will come out, I did not respond or act upon such a false accusation, and lastly I simply didn’t care!

Good thing about such an experience is to find out who truly believes in you.. and who doesn’t. Yet, it was disappointing to see that even after the facts, after the truth came out, this young & stupid girl never came out to apologize for her false indictment!

Hidden Agendas

I remember that day when..

I was wondering what my hidden agenda was?

For some reason, i am surrounded with people with hidden agendas!

Every new manager i have worked with, especially the international ones, keep acting as if they truly care about our work, when unfortunately the true self eventually appears that he/she has a hidden agenda!

The agendas that i have witnessed recently from our international managers include getting ahead at work and getting internationally recognized on a personal level! As for the local decision makers, their agendas include getting socially accepted, creating partnerships to assure future collaborations & private transactions, and finally getting ahead politically! They keep making decisions depending on whether or not it will benefit them personally or financially!

This makes me wonder… i am the only one without a hidden agenda? Can this be possible? I know i am not a career driven person, but how come i don’t have one? or maybe i do but i just don’t know it yet?